There’s more to getting pregnant than just the female perspective of course. There are a lot of things that can be done on the male partner’s side to help make the endeavor go more smoothly. For instance, bad habits such as drinking and smoking can actually reduce the level of sperm production. As a result, men that have these particular vices might take a lot longer to get their partners pregnant. So, if you’re trying to bring a child into the world, it may be best to leave those activities on the table for the time being.

Stress is also a huge factor. It can effect every single aspect of your life, not just how happy you are and how happy you are in general, but also how your body is working. If men are stressed out and worried all the time, they aren’t going to be sleeping well and their sperm counts will naturally take a dive. We’re friends with a neighbor who writes a blog for Fireside Chatts (website) and he was telling us the other day about how he started meditating 20 minutes per day, and not long after, his wife got pregnant. Must be good to get good things out of relaxation – maybe I’ll try it!

Having a child should be a happy time for a couple, so just focus on that. If having it take a while is getting stressful, just take a step back. It will happen when it’s right, and there are many ways to expedite the process if it doesn’t ultimately work out as soon as you’d hope.